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Feed your roots

Nourish Your Krown

All Natural | Handmade | Organic

We envision a world where culture is respected and men and women are allowed to be themselves and express themselves, especially through hair styling. 

Over the years, the image of beauty has been thwarted by conditioning and media. By sharing our knowledge of hair care and the history of black hair, we hope to encourage others to wear their hair in its most rare and natural form.



Our favorites



Hair Growth Oil

Root Stimulator +


Fit for a 


Loc & Beard Oil

Superior Moisturizer +


HairCare Made naturally

Made with all-natural ingredients like Moringa Oil and Hemp Oil, Khemistree Naturals natural hair care products are formulated to help nourish the hair starting at the roots. Experience our whipped shea butter product for daily nourishment called Krown Whip, combat hair loss and scalp conditions like dandruff and eczema with our root stimulator and hair growth oil called Krown Serum, and keep those locs & beards strong yet soft with Fit for a Kingdom - Loc & Beard Oil.

"I love using these products. My hair is growing fast and they smell amazing."

brittany, n. carolina