About Khemistree Naturals

The name Khemistree Naturals was created from the word "Khem" which means the black land of Egypt which played a big role in the nourishment of the people living there. "Tree" is a symbol of growth and transformation.

This company is about growth and transformation through proper nutrition on the inside and out.

The idea for Khemistree Naturals came about after the owner, Candace, had an experience with alopecia in 2012, but the company did not officially start until mid-2015 with the introduction of its first product known as "Krown Whip". After using natural oils like lavender and neem essential oils, and treatment methods such as apple cider vinegar rinses, Candace decided to create a line of products that would really FEED YOUR ROOTS. This line of "Krown" products focuses on root nourishment for a healthier scalp. They are all natural, made with no harsh chemical preservatives, and they are free of parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, and artificial colors or fragrances. Read more about Krown Whip and it's benefits and uses below.


Meet the Owner

Candace, also known as Kween Kandace, studied Mind-Body Psychology at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She is from a small town full of fields and trees and so has a love for everything natural. Candace developed Khemistree Naturals in 2014 after having gone through a traumatic experience with hair loss. Since she was already familiar with holistic health and medicine, she concocted a regimen of natural remedies to help nourish her scalp and regrow her hair. From this experience, she manifested the "Krown" line of hair and root nourishment products to help women understand the importance of taking care of the hair starting at the roots.

Candace believes that, given the proper nutrition, the body can heal itself. When all matters of being are addressed, including mind-body-spirit, true transformation can occur.

 Photo Cred: IG - @nick_wize

Photo Cred: IG - @nick_wize