Cleaning a wooden hair comb takes special care to prevent wood getting rot and splintering. With a proper care, your comb can last a lifetime long.

Wooden combs are among the gentlest hair grooming tools available. They are prized because each handcrafted comb is a work of art and wood’s ability to condition hair.

Wood can absorb the scalp’s natural oil, sebum, and spread it throughout the hair shaft during combing. Even with special process when Tans Wood Comb produces those prouducts, due to the nature of the wood, wooden combs are still fragile.

Cleaning a wooden comb serves two purposes:
1. removing debris
2. conditioning the wood

Oil Cleaning:

Because wood does not normally react well to water, and may swell and eventually splinter if submerged in water for long time, if possible, do not use water. It is often best to use the oil that the manufacturer provided or recommended. However, most natural oils such as coconut oil or olive oil, will work for cleaning and conditioning the wood, plus these oils are also good for the hair and scalp.

The easiest way to do so is to apply a oil to a clean cotton cloth, use the cloth, gentlly wipe dirt and debris off the comb by running the cloth through each tine. Frequency to do this is at least once a month, the more, the better.

Water Cleaning:

Of course, a lot of people really don’t want to make extra effort to do above, so they always choose the alternative (water cleaning) if they ever want to do cleaning.

People usually use comb during a shower which might be the best time and easiest way to clean the comb. This is fine, but please make sure to use a dry cotton cloth to wipe the water off the comb which is extremely important.

Or when using water to wash a wooden comb, do not immerse the comb in water. Instead, rinse the comb and use a soft toothbrush to clean between the tines. At the end, again, make sure to use a dry cotton cloth to get rid of water from comb.