Hemp oil comes from the cannabis sativa plant. Unlike marijuana, it is non-psychoactive and actually comes from industrial hemp instead of the cannabis that is used for its THC content. Although these plants share the same family, they have different properties and therefore serve different functions.  

Hemp oil has a rich profile of nutrients that greatly benefits the entire body. Not only can the consumption of hemp oil lower blood pressure, boost immunity, and increase energy levels, it is also a great oil to use on the hair and scalp.

One of the main reasons I love hemp oil for hair health is because of its high essential fatty acid content. Essential fatty acids (or EFAs) are essential because our body does not produce them on its own so we have to get it from our diet.  EFAs like Omega 3 and Omega 6 can help the hair to retain moisture and be softer and more manageable.

Hemp oil is also very absorbable so it does not clog pores which is good for scalp health. Hemp oil seeps down into the hair shaft and can help with keratin production which is the protein that makes up hair (and nails). This is why it is said that this oil can help with hair growth.

To conclude, hemp oil is great for overall health and can be used as a daily moisturizing agent for kinks and curls and to prevent dry, itchy scalp.