Shipping & Returns


My signature product Krown Whip is a whipped shea butter product. If shipped during warm weather, product may melt. It is best to refrigerate product upon arrival and it will return to a whipped cream state. Since product may melt down during shipping and perhaps waiting on your doorstep upon delivery, product consistency will differ but the quality of the product will remain the same.

Since heat is not a controllable factor when shipping during warmer months, we cannot be responsible for any melted product. Following the instructions above will ensure the best experience when using Krown Whip or any future whipped shea butter product by Khemistree Naturals.

Shipping cost for Krown Whip subject to increase during warmer months to accommodate necessary ice packs and packaging to prevent the melting and consistency change of the product. 

All other shipping costs are standard, but still subject to change. 

Note: Khemistree Naturals does not use any synthetic stabilizers or waxes. We also do not use any beeswax in our Krown Whip product. 



Shea butter contains natural latex. Although it is not exactly the same as the sap-like latex extract from the Rubber Tree (Hevea brasiliensis), it is very similar in chemical composition. Although the quantities of latex in shea butter are small, this natural latex is responsible for the sealing property that shea butter has that may aid in protecting your skin and preventing sun allergies.

Persons suffering from latex allergies should do an Allergy Patch Test before using any shea butter product. Many people with latex allergies are not affected by shea butter, but some are, so it is better to be safe than sorry!


Only products that have been unopened or unused may be returned to Khemistree Naturals. This excludes products that may have melted during shipping. Khemistree Naturals NOT responsible for return shipment costs.